2019 Events

Sat 6th July 2019
Subject:    35th Birthday Lunch
Venue:      Summerland House Farm at 12 noon. $35 per person
Book with Gwen Clark  6628 7797

To see photos of our 35th Birthday Lunch click here

Sat 3rd August 2019
Subject:     AGM
Speaker     Don Howell – usage of the new digitised Cedar Logs
Venue:       Players Theatre at 2 pm.

Sat 7th September 2019
Subject     My first Family Member in Australia
Speaker    Jane Griffin
Venue       Players Theatre at 2 pm

Sat 5th October 2019
Subject     Mini-seminar – records of illegitimacy in England & Wales
Fishing for cousins using Blogs as bait
Speaker    Helen Smith
Venue       Players Theatre at 2 pm

Sat 2nd November 2019
Speaker    Greg McNamara
Subject      NORCO
Venue       Players Theatre at 2 pm

Sat 7th December 2019
Subject     Christmas Party
Venue       Players Theatre at 2 pm